1. Make sure you state exactly what your item is in the TITLE field.
  2. Check that your email and phone number are entered correctly so people can contact you.
  3. Select the CATEGORY that best suits the equipment you are selling.
  4. Upload at least one good quality picture in the GALLERY so people can see the item you are selling. Avoid uploading any more than 4 images as this may reduce who can view your advert. If possible, limit images to 2000 pixels wide.
  5. Enter as much information as possible in the DESCRIPTION field including condition, age, sizes and what your item may be used for etc.
  6. Enter a sensible PRICE. Even if your equipment is almost new or was expensive to buy new, bare in mind that second hand mobility equipment depreciates in value quite quickly. If your equipment has not sold within the first 30 days, consider reducing the price.
  7. You must enter the town or village in Dorset your equipment is located in the LOCATION field.
  8. Look out for an email once you have submitted your advert so you can set your password and update or delete your advert in the future by clicking on the MANAGE link in the menu.
Contact Information
Item Information
Please ensure you enter a town or village in the location field for the equipment you are selling. Adverts for equipment with no location stated or not located within Dorset and any adverts that appear to mislead or contain false information will be removed. Free advertising is available to both Private and Business visitors. Thank you 🙂